GAP.jl is a low level interface from Julia to the computer algebra system GAP. The term "low level" means that the aim is to give Julia access to all GAP objects, to let Julia call GAP functions, and to provide conversions of low level data (integers, Booleans, strings, arrays/lists, dictionaries/records) between the two systems.

In particular, it is not the aim of GAP.jl to provide Julia types for higher level GAP objects that represent algebraic structures, such as groups, rings, fields, etc., and mappings between such structures.

The connection between GAP and Julia is in fact bidirectional, that is, GAP can access all Julia objects, call Julia functions, and perform conversions of low level data. This direction will become interesting on the Julia side as soon as GAP packages provide functionality that is based on using Julia code from the GAP side.

The viewpoint of an interface from GAP to Julia is described in the manual of the GAP package JuliaInterface.

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